In-Person Meetings Resuming 7/10/2020

God willing, we are planning to resume in-person meetings this Friday 7/10/2020.

We will abide by all the guidelines set by First Free Church for group meetings in the church building. The following are the specific guidelines agreed on with church leadership for CR:

  • 1)  No congregating in the building before or after the meeting. People can and are encouraged to visit outside
  • 2) No dinner or Solid Rock- people will need to bring their own coffee and water (water fountains are closed)
  • 3) No more than 25% capacity in any of the rooms we use. This means no more than 47 people in the Chapel for Large Group. Originally there was going to be an RSVP procedure but given we haven’t gone over 47 in a while and we don’t use the church’s “Planning-Center app” (because of anonymity) we just need to document our attendance for the church. I’ll make a form that does not use last names.
  • 4) We will use the same break out rooms. We just need to switch the Codependent women to room 360 and Newcomers to 314.
  • 5) Chairs in the Chapel have been rearranged for social distancing. Family groups can sit together.
  • 6) We are asking ALL CR participants to wear a mask.
  • 7) We’ll use music videos without participant singing. Singing has been shown to be a major way of spreading the virus.

When Adam Bowers (lead pastor at First Free) addressed this issue he mentioned some may feel masks are unnecessary, burdensome, or even an infringement of their rights, but he indicated we need to understand some of our brothers and sisters feel otherwise.

Our leadership group met and decided that due to the core value of keeping our meetings SAFE for everyone, we will “require” masks. As always, when we speak of keeping our meetings safe we are not just speaking of physical safety but also emotional safety.

Please consider Romans 12:18 “If it is possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone”.

If you have problems with this policy please don’t show up at the meeting with the intention of debating the issue with us, instead please phone Tim or Judy (636-779-2174) by at least Thursday 7/9/2020. If we don’t answer, leave a message and we will call you as soon as we can. We have a spam filter on our phone that sometimes filters out legitimate calls. The filter will allow you to leave a message.

There may be people uncomfortable with these procedures and may decide not to come for one reason or another. As a result we will continue to have Zoom Small Group Meetings for all who want them. We will use the same link/meeting-id. The only difference is that the Small Group Meetings will start at 8p (NOT at 7p)

These guidelines are for Phase II for resuming in-person meetings. We hope and pray we will quickly reach Phase IV, which means the virus is contained and there will be no restrictions of any kind.

We may not know what our Lord is doing through these difficult and divisive times but we do know He is a gracious God who works for the good of all who love Him. He is worthy of all praise for his steadfast love. And we are called to be steadfast in our love for our brothers and sisters in Christ.

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