Additional Info about 7/10/2020 Meeting

In-person Meeting: if you don’t remember the church’s guidelines for the meeting see below
People can enter the building starting at 6:50p. The Large Group meeting starts at 7:00p. It is a video testimony night. People need to leave the building after their small group (9:10p at the latest).

Zoom meeting: We’ll use the same link/meeting ID/password as we have been. We are going to have a Mini Large Group via Zoom starting at 7:15 or 7:20p (depends how early people enter the meeting).

We’ll play a couple of worship songs and show the same non copyrighted testimony as at the in-person meeting.

There are a couple of things people need to take into account in regards to the audio of the presentation. Basically, audio settings need to be adjusted through the Zoom app, not your device’s normal audio controls. We’ll give some short instructions at the beginning.

If you think that is too hard then you can watch the testimony on your own before you join at 8:00p for Small Group. This is the link to the testimony:

Any questions let us know:

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