Friday, April 15, 2016- Testimony: Linda L.











In Matthew 18:21 Jesus tells his disciples, that’s US, that we are expected to forgive “not seven times but seventy times seven.”

Forgiving someone just once is sometimes harder than we want to face.  And this command seems to be impossible, if we are honest, especially when we are faced with the same person hurting us in the same way repeatedly.  We at CR take forgiveness seriously.  Come this Friday to hear the testimony of a woman who struggles genuinely and honestly to obey her Master’s command to forgive, especially when it isn’t easy.

Join us for:

6:00 pm   Dinner (room 300)

7:00 pm   Large Group (Chapel)

8:00 pm   Open share groups

9:00 pm   Solid Rock Café (room 300)


***No Childcare is provided***

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